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MERCEDES KILLEEN- Her first chapbook, tulips, is available via Grey Borders Books. Her first full-length collection, Daddy, is forthcoming from Grey Borders Books in 2019. Individual pieces can be found in places like The Hart House Review website and Shameless Magazine.

Associate Editor

DANTE MOTTILLO here. A person who, you likely don’t know. I plan on being a teacher. I’m someone who gives, a care about bettering the educational system wherever I may be teaching. A, lot of my interests tie into my giving a “darn”, about, interweving my nerdier interests in both my teaching and my creative outlets. Such outlets include my personal poetry, assymetric artwork, and my recently spontaneous ambition to create an, educational Shakespeare cardgame.

I enjoy food-based discussions, not confrontational ones.

I go to Queen’s University, not Oxford?,

I like the night, not hopeless sleep.

I, also like ciphers. If you do, too, can you figure out the cipher?

Associate Editor

TERESE MASON PIERRE is a writer, editor, and Master’s student at York University. She aspires to become a doctor.